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7/23/2016 5:07:32 PM ET
About the Artist

“Pathfinder in the Sun”

Created in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Horizon House, “Pathfinder in the Sun” is a visual interpretation of the healing journeys of the people who use Horizon House’s services. Symbolic representations of overcoming the obstacles one encounters on life’s path are depicted in the African pathfinder maze. The Celtic design entwining the arm reminds us of the determination one needs to complete a journey. The hand in which the flower is resting represents support provided by Horizon House. The small pictures within frames capture abstract glimpses into the lives of people at different stages of their growth. The image of the bird rising to greater heights is a result of newfound strength and independence. This aviary spirit represents the independence and community participation that Horizon House endeavors to encourage in people, in fulfillment of the vision of our founders.

“My goal was to create an environment for introspection and exploration, inspiring viewers to think about life. My hope is that viewers will establish a relationship with the mural, discovering something new each time they see it."

Joshua Sarantitis

Mr. Sarantitis was assisted by: Juanita Beverly, Delia S. King, Hannah Lew, Danielle McDonald, Eric Okdeh, Christian Taber, and Al Tull.
October 2002

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