The health and safety of the individuals we serve, our staff and their families are our number one priority. The Coronavirus Crisis has impacted all of our lives. We will be using our website, email, and social media to provide updates as needed. Keeping in contact is important as the situation has been rapidly evolving.

Horizon House will continue to offer ESSENTIAL life-sustaining services to people we serve, while adhering to CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Together we will make a difference. Stay informed... be safe!

Our Commitment to Fighting Racial Injustice: A Message from President & CEO Jeff Wilush
Monday, September 21, 2020

Join Us In Giving A Big Shout Out To Our Direct Support Staff!

This past week was National Direct Support Professionals week. The Direct Support Staff were there every step of the way during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Throughout the crisis they remained consistent and strong to make sure everyone in the community was cared for and that services continued in new creative ways. We are extremely thankful for all that they have done. Today we express our appreciation and honor the Horizon House Direct Service Staff.


The Community Truly Appreciates Our Direct Support Staff !

We would like the share some of the testimonials sent to us from members of community this past week:

They Have Touched The Hearts of The Families They Serve

Below is a special message from a family member.

Thank You Mia!

Mia S. – my daughter Carlota’s CLA house manager, has gone, above and beyond, in her support for Carlota during this pandemic time.

When the mandate to isolate took place, Carlota was confused and with the loss of her routines she got increasingly disoriented and sad. Carlota has always enjoyed going out for her volunteer work. In addition, she loves attending Sunday church with me and other family members. Carlota has always looked forward to join her family for Sunday meals after church. Carlota has been in pain missing events of family events. She has always anticipated with much pleasure, family birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day, 4th of July and so on) and just getting together with her family. Last year, Carlota, one of her sisters and I, went to the beach for a couple days and I know that Carlota missed going this year.

As soon as we were able to go back to church again, Mia immediately worried about Carlota’s clothes for church and appearance, Carlota promptly got a nice hair cut and appropriate clothes for church.

Overall, during this difficult time, Mia has done everything she can to alleviate Carlota’s anxiety and depression. I know Mia has comforted and reassured Carlota so she would not fall apart. Mia has taken Carlota to outings and walks and has constantly been in touch with me, Carlota’s mother, to inform me of how Carlota has been doing in these difficult times and brainstorm of what could help Carlota.

Mia has helped Carlota get in zoom meetings for her own birthday so she could get together with family and also join other zoom meetings celebrating family members. She specifically came to the house to help Carlota to join on her birthday zoom when it was clear that Carlota could not get into that zoom meeting on her own. It was a weekend and I do not think she was supposed to even work that day.

I cannot thank enough Mia for her support of Carlota during these hard times.

Thanks Bobby!

I have no words to fully describe how grateful I am to Bobby for her support to Carlota, my daughter, at her CLA.Bobby is one of the staff members that supports my daughter Carlota and her roommate at an Horizon CLA.

Bobby’s sunny and warm disposition, gentle caring way and smile really brighten the day.

Bobby has been sensitive to how pandemic isolation has been affecting Carlota. I know he tried his best to support her during each opportunity she had to make contact with family such as going into zoom meetings with family.

Bobby is always willing to go the extra mile on proving support for Carlota. One outstanding moment that comes to mind was Carlota’s last birthday. I usually celebrate this event at my house so Carlota’s family and friends can come together in celebrating Carlota. However, this was not possible this year and to my great surprise – Mia S. and Bobby K. decided to do a celebration for both Carlota and her roommate. The organized a cookout at the CLA building apartment garden. My husband, a sister of Carlota’s and I were able to attend. This was such a joyful event. Both, Carlota and her roommate had dressed and accessorizing themselves for the celebration. Bobby and Mia prepared quite a spread and Bobby manned the grill. This cookout was lot of work for Mia and Bobby and they did it with such joy.

Thanks Bobby for your support to my daughter Carlota!

Thanks Rebel Hill Team!

Although I do tell the wonderful women workers at Rebel Hill Road that Sharon really appreciates all they do for her. They’ve made it so nice for her that she thinks she’s a paying customer at a fancy hotel!My sister Sharon lives there and loves it. Sharon has been with Horizon House for at least 44 years. Although she has a loving family, she really loves living with the other ladies like her and having the attention of such wonderful people at the house and at 30th Street. She loves her “workshop” when she used to go to PEP at Broad & Federal, and now at DEC in Norristown.

Elizabeth A. is a saint. No matter what is going on with Sharon, the world, the van, the rest of the staff, etc, Elizabeth keeps her cool and her sense of humor. She has lost a dear coworker (Cecelia) this year and has had 2 of Sharon’s housemates (Veronica and Lena) die in spite of her excellent and tender care. Many times she has talked me off the ledge as Sharon calls & tells me confusing and wrong things and then, because I can’t get the exact truth out of Sharon, I end up texting EA. We have had some good laughs over it.

I appreciate the rest of the staff too: the other Elizabeth, Lily, and night staff that I never talk to. I’m sure there are more and I thank them too. Sincerely, Del M. (Sharon’s sister for 66 out of my 69 years!).


Monday, April 20, 2020

Horizon House 28th Annual Golf Outing



Your safety and wellness is our #1 priority! We will be back together soon! In the meantime, let’s take a look back at last year’s golf outing!

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Activities To Help You Stay Connected And Entertained




  1. Watch the Philadelphia Orchestra perform: BeethovenNOW: Symphonies 5 & 6
  2. Zoo School Live! Enjoy a live broadcast from Elmwood Park Zoo’s Education Team each weekday at 11 am! They’ll be presenting different lessons featuring members of the zoo’s Animal Ambassador collection, as well as taking your questions.
  3. Franklin Institute-Interactive Activities from our “Your Brain Exhibit”
  4. BROWSE PHILLY’S RENOWNED ART COLLECTIONS- It’s nothing like the real thing, but you can browse collections at most major art museums in Philadelphia, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Barnes Foundation, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the National Museum of Jewish American History. NMAJH also offers downloadable lessons for young students and historical videos for patrons on its Facebook page.
  5. EXPLORE THE MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION-The Museum of the American Revolution invites folks to explore its collection with a host of free digital resources—a great opportunity for students stuck at home. You can take a digital museum tour featuring cool 360-degree panoramic footage, go on a virtual field trip or delve into excerpts from recent books about the Revolutionary War via the museum’s carefully curated Read the Revolution archives.
  6. Films such as “The Invisible Man,” “The Hunt” and “Emma,” all of which are currently playing in theaters, available to rent on demand services such as Comcast , Sky, Apple and Amazon. Consumers will be able to rent the films for $19.99 per film for 48 hours. DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls World Tour” will be also on demand starting on April 10. Click Here to see 14 Movies Now Streaming Early.
  7. Cooking at home in the time of Coronavirus? Here are some great recipes and cooking resources from Bon Appetit  to help get you through!
  8. Fitness studios are live-streaming workout classes for free during the Coronavirus outbreak
  9. The 22 Best Online Games to Play With Friends During the Coronavirus Outbreak
  10. 30 Books and Series to Read While Social Distancing
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Fun Activities For The Family


  1. Scholastic has you covered with FREE engaging online resources and activities from #ScholasticLearnAtHome 
  2. Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel that will encourage your little one get up and get moving while teaching them mindfulness and relaxation.
  3. Here is a great resource to share with your team, family and friends. This is the Mommy Poppins Philadelphia link but it also covers a lot of major cities. For all ages! 
  4. Register for the Zoom Meeting presentation on “Children and Families as Digital Creators and Storytellers”  presented by NAEYC’s Technology and Young Children Interest Forum on March 30, 2020 at 6PM ET  
  5. PBS KIDS Play and Learn Science App – Includes hands on science projects with everyday materials, along with online science games and explorations  
  6. Games, Videos, Brain Boosters and More (National Geographic Kids)
  7.  Family Play Plans (TRUCE)  Free Online Books for Young Children (Wakelet)
  8. Gain access to Virtual tours of Mars  
  9. US Space & Rocket Center (Huntsville, Alabama) on Youtube
  10. Complete Schoolhouse Rock Series on YouTube School House Rock TV1