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7/28/2016 10:27:08 AM ET
Mental Health Services

Horizon House mental health services, located in Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery Counties, and the state of Delaware, are comprehensive, integrated and continuous. A pioneer in the field of community-based treatment and rehabilitation, Horizon House utilizes a holistic approach aimed at addressing an individualís psychiatric, medical and behavioral health impediments. The overarching goal of Horizon Houseís interventions is to support, to the fullest extent possible, the individualís active membership in his or her family and community.

The agencyís interdisciplinary teams have the expertise to address a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation issues in a coordinated manner. Decision-making is shared by team members and between the team and the individual receiving the service. This collaborative partnership helps the individual to maximize his or her self-control over the symptoms of the mental illness and to minimize its interference with the personís daily life.

Horizon Houseís integrated approach to treatment and rehabilitation reflects the person-first philosophy and is oriented towards recovery. Recovery can include gaining a sense of meaning to life, a positive self-image, being able to form meaningful relationships and learning to live independently.

The recovery approach practiced by Horizon House is comprised of three elements: Treatment planning and services that assist the individual with managing and reducing the symptoms of the illness; rehabilitation activities that help him or her learn or improve the skills required to live, work and learn in the community; and coordination and development of community supports to connect the individual to essential services.

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