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7/24/2016 6:34:36 AM ET
Homeless Services in Philadelphia County

Homeless Outreach

Horizon House has three outreach teams who work to engage chronically homeless, treatment-resistant people who live on the streets in Center City and West Philadelphia. Team members establish relationships with those they serve and are able to create opportunities for individuals to connect with supports and treatment. During severe weather conditions, teams extend additional support as part of the city’s emergency outreach protocol.

Navigation Center

The Navigation Center, located at 3309 Melon Street, is a drop-in center open overnight from 7pm until 6am 365 days of the year. The Center offers service-resistant homeless individuals the chance to gain stability by offering to meet their immediate needs by providing a safe place to sleep, healthy food, showers and season-appropriate clothing. The Center also provides a pathway for individuals to access services, including treatment for mental health and addictions disorders, detoxification and rehab, as well as supports to access medical care, appropriate long-term case management, benefits, and housing. Throughout the majority of the year, the Center has a capacity of 50 individuals, and during extremely cold (Code Blue) weather, the Center welcomes up to 75.

Shelter Plus Care

Horizon House’s Shelter Plus Care program assists individuals and families with histories of substance abuse and homelessness to obtain and succeed in permanent supportive housing. In partnership with Philadelphia’s Office of Addiction Services and Office of Supportive Housing, and the 1260 Housing Development Corporation, Shelter Plus Care currently oversees over 90 units of scattered site housing throughout Philadelphia. Program staff members help participants achieve their self-identified goals in areas such as maintaining sobriety, obtaining benefits, accessing physical health care, education, employment, family reunification, and community integration. After completion of the program, some individuals move into fair market housing or become first-time home buyers, while others receive Housing Choice vouchers from the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) without support services. Referrals come through recovery and treatment programs approved by the Office of Addiction Services and Office of Supportive Housing. Individuals are required to have six months of documented sobriety to be eligible for this program.

Housing First

Horizon House’s Housing First Treatment Teams support individuals with histories of chronic homelessness, serious mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse issues as they take the steps to create independent, recovery-based lives for themselves in the community. Horizon House’s teams work with 1260 Housing Development Corporation and Columbus Property Management to secure housing for participants. Once individuals engage with Housing First, team members assist them in connecting with housing and provide a comprehensive array of recovery-oriented services to help individuals succeed. Referrals are made through the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health’s Targeted Case Management Unit.

Where to Turn?

If you are concerned about a homeless person in Philadelphia, please call the Outreach Coordination Center's 24-hour hotline: 215.232.1984.

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